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Frequently asked Questions

    Are You Insured?

 Yes We are insured. Landscape Renovation tree service is insured through Wrangler Insurance. You may call them at:(208)543-6464

     Do you give free quotes?

  Yes we provide free estimates to the Twin Falls through Buhl areas. However we may charge a fee for the other areas. This helps us prescreen customers that are just looking for a low quality, cheap service.

    Do you top trees?

  No! Topping literally wrecks trees! Topped trees become hazardous in the long term. It destroys the trees defense system, allowing trees to rot from the top down. The sprouts that arise from the cuts grow fast and are weakly attached. These branches are extra vulnerable  to breaking and causing damage. Topping require repeating often to mitigate the hazardous condition it causes.                                           

      Instead an expert arborist will carefully plan and execute smaller cuts made at a limb or node. He will reduce limbs that are likely to fail. He will make pruning cuts as not to compromise the stability or defenses of the tree. He will not remove too much living material at once. In contrast to topping, each time pruning is done correctly it increases the stability, health, and helps to keep the tree looking beautiful.  You may be able to keep a tree that you value!

       Do you care about me and my trees?

  Yes! We care very much about you and your trees. Taking expert & careful care of your trees is important to us. Philip is expert at pruning and removals. He considers it very important to keep learning. We do not ever want to sell you something that is not right for you!


     You are going to climb the tree?! Is that safe?

 Yes we specialize in modern and safe tree climbing techniques. Our climbers follow safe climbing protocol, such as being secured by a lifeline at all time and securing themselves with a second safety lanyard when operating the chainsaw. We consider climbing to be a very important skill set.           

   Climbing does have some advantages. Our climbing arborist is able to perform pruning more effectively in most scenarios. A tree climber is able to access areas that are not accessible via bucket truck. We do not have to drive heavy truck across your lawn!   A climber is only limited by the height of the tree. Remember most trees can withstand a lot more wind than a bucket truck.


     You do not own a bucket truck. Will you be able to take care of my tree?

   We are able to take care of most trees safely and effectively. However occasionally we do run across a tree that we can not do safely or economically. In that case we will make recommendations to contact someone with a bucket truck.