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    Tree topping or over pruning does not fulfill the following objectives:

  • Make the tree smaller. instead tree sprouts a lot and the sprouts grow quickly.
  • Reduce the risk of the tree long term. instead the resulting water sprouts are poorly attached and are made of weak wood. Topped tree are some of the most dangerous to climb!
  • Make the tree less messy. Rather as you can see in the photos, the trees are causing a big mess. Every time the wind blows you have a lot of debris to clean up.
  • Make the trees healthier.  Topping or large pruning cuts open the tree up to all kinds of pests and pathogens that may cause damage from the top to the roots! Trees sprout profusely because they desperately need the foliage that has been cut off! Remember trees receive their energy from the sun.  

Tree topping destroys trees!  It does not reduce the risk but instead increases the risk of tree failure!